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Hui International Staff


Lucy Roberts

Co-Founder and Executive Director 

Lucy Morse Roberts is an educator by training and specializes in creating effective, transformative programs for diverse, multicultural communities. She and her Hui International co-workers focus their parent education programming on evidence-based parenting practices, self-reflection, ACEs, and on building skills of resilience. Prior to working with Hui International, Lucy served as the Executive Director of Lead4Tomorrow’s Family Hui program where she redesigned their Bloom curriculum to be ACEs informed, resilience-focused, and multiculturally appropriate. She expanded the program statewide and internationally. Additionally, Lucy co-founded the Peace and Justice Institute at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida, and the non-profit ArtReach Orlando. Lucy served as co-chair of Resilient Yolo and the California Essentials for Childhood Equity Committee. She is currently on the State of California Child Welfare Council’s Prevention and Early Intervention Committee. In 2016, she was named Yolo County Public Health Hero and in 2018 was named one of US Congressman John Garamendi’s Women of the Year.


Arezoo Pamiry

Program Coordinator Afghanistan

Arezoo coordinates Hui International’s programming in Afghanistan. She has worked with Hui International Executive Director, Lucy Morse Roberts, to coordinate Family Hui programming throughout California. Arezoo deeply understands the importance of social connections in strengthening families and building resilience. She focuses on building strong, supportive communities wherever she goes and created an extensive Afghan ohana by connecting Afghan families in California and in Afghanistan. She is fluent in Dari/Farsi and English. She is the mother of two.

Martha Lopez_edited_edited.jpg

Martha Lopez

Program Coordinator California

Martha was born in Jesus Maria, Jalisco. She migrated to California when she was 10 years old. Martha studied Criminal Justice at California State University of Sacramento, and has a strong desire to make a positive change in the world. “I strongly believe that children who are loved and supported by their family members are more likely to be respectful, outgoing, empathetic, and can positively thrive and advance in their life.” Martha is the mother of three children ages nine, six, and two. Martha has worked as a liaison, Program Coordinator and a program manager in Family Hui. Martha has facilitated and trained parent leaders in many counties throughout California and supported parent/peer leaders create safe, nurturing environment where program participants can learn, share, and thrive. Martha loves working with parents/caregivers/sponsors of children because she strongly believes that raising healthy and compassionate children is a challenge that can be overcome when caregivers have a support group or person that encourages and empowers them. 


Jacqueline Ghosh

Web Designer

Jacqueline is a third-year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies, and a software specialist at Apple. Over the past several years, she has worked for San Diego City Council, San Diego Refugee Tutoring, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, and the ASUC Student Union. Jacqueline is a self-taught freelance designer specializing in UX, UI, and graphic design. Her portfolio can be found at

Board of Directors

Regan Overholt.jpg

Regan Overholt


Regan serves as a public/private partnership consultant. Prior to her current position, Regan was with UC Davis Health (Sacramento campus) with their patient experience team. Regan has spent 12 years with First 5 Yolo Children and Families Commission where she was the Early Learning Specialist which included overseeing the Family Hui Community Grant in Yolo County. Regan has spent her career in human services including Planned Parenthood, California Breast and Cervical Cancer Detection Program, and the CA State Office of Foster Care Ombudsperson. She is active in the community and she serves on numerous local and statewide Commissions and Boards as well as volunteering with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and Foster  and Kinship Care and Education (FKCE).

Lonnie Bookbinder.png

Lonnie Bookbinder

Chief Financial Officer

Lonnie has been in the biopharmaceutical industry for over 50 years and has been a serial entrepreneur in founding biotechnology companies in the cancer and infectious disease areas. He has also served as a pro bono patient advocate for people with serious diseases in the non-profit environment.  Lonnie serves on several medical company Boards as the Executive Chairman working closely with the CEOs and other Board Members. His scientific expertise in cancer drug development is based on new genetic knowledge of cancer initiation and controls.

Rachel Allen photo.png

Rachel Allen


Rachel Allen is a life-long educator and practitioner who inspires and supports others as they practice and educate for peace and justice in their work and personal lives. She is a tenured Professor of Humanities and is Co-founder and Director of the Valencia College Peace and Justice Institute. Rachel presented at a High-Level Forum on creating credible pathways to peace at the United Nations in 2018. She was recently recognized as a Social Justice Game Changer by the Orlando Magic and was noted as one of the people making a difference in Central Florida by the Orlando Sentinel. Rachel serves on multiple committees in Orlando that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion with the goal of creating a resilient community where all are valued and all can thrive. Rachel is an advocate for women’s rights and opportunities and is a proud parent of two children; they live in Maitland, Florida.

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Anna Sutton


Anna is Director of Nursing, Public Health Division at the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency. She serves as part of the Public Health Administration providing division leadership, oversight and strategy reporting up to the Public Health Director and Public Health Officer. She began her public health career as a nurse/case manager in the Adolescent Family Life Programs (AFLP), a home visiting program for pregnant and parenting teens and their families in 2000.
In 2005, she had the opportunity to help expand a home visiting program for teens to include a behavioral health clinician via the Federal Adolescent Family Life Program Grant. As a result of that experience, Anna is an advocate for partnerships between behavioral and physical health service providers. Over the last two decades, Anna’s experiences have been in Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health with a particular focus in maternal mental health and maternal suicide. In recent years, Anna has come back to her roots in microbiology and been responsible for overseeing communicable disease units in Yolo and Santa Cruz Count. The experience prepared her well to be at the front lines in COVID 19 Pandemic Response where she leads both disease control and strategy for vaccinations. Anna is raising her family in Yolo County and growing a community of friends and colleagues in Santa Cruz where she works. 

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