Hui International


Hu·i  /ˈho͞oē/

Noun: a Hawaiian term for a group of people who come together for a shared purpose.
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Safe, Stable, Nurturing, Empowering

Our goal is to create relationships and environments with these four qualities so that all can blossom and thrive.
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Our Work

Hui International creates transformative programs for parents, sponsors, and caregivers so they and their families can create safe, stable, nurturing, and empowering relationships and environments where all can blossom and thrive.

Our Programs

Through our CalGalsMedia podcast and newsletter, Hui International taps into the power of media to educate, encourage, and galvanize women in California and around the world.

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Hui International focuses on health and wellbeing projects that enhance the well being of women and their families. Our projects are found on our AVA page.

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Be The One

The Be the One campaign encourages positive social connections in multiple community settings. This campaign is accessible, evidence-informed, and based on CDC research.
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1 Million+ Households Reached


The Ulysses Syndrome and Ways to Heal

Hui International’s first health equity project, The Ulysses Syndrome and Ways to Heal, is in 18 languages and has reached over one million households worldwide. We are grateful for the opportunity to share Dr. Joseba Achotegui’s research and for support from the Weissman Family Fund and Molina Healthcare.
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