Our Programs

Our Hui International team specializes in creating transformative, trauma-informed, healing-centered, and culturally responsive programs for parents and caregivers. Each program focuses on a ten-week, evidence-informed curriculum. Parents and caregivers meet as a hui (group) once a week for ten weeks to learn about child development, mindful discipline, conflict resolution, nutrition and much more. The programs are designed to build the five protective factors, diminish adversity, and increase resilience within family settings.

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OFY Mohala - Blossoming

A program for the parents, sponsors, and caregivers of California's unaccompanied, undocumented minors.

Open Program

Art of Parenting: Mohala

A program for the parents and caregivers of teens.

Open Program

Art of Parenting: Kapua

A program for the parents and caregivers of children ages 0-5.

Open Program

Journal of Child & Family Studies

Body paragraph explaining what the Journal of Child & Family Studies is, who it is designed to impact, and how it may change their life for the better.
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